How to Pair Eye Makeup with Colored Contact Lenses

Whether you're a blue-eyed babe wanting to deepen your hue or a green-eyed beauty looking for some smoky allure, this guide will guide you through pairing contact lenses with the perfect eye makeup. From subtle earth tones that enhance brown eyes to bright colors that make purple lenses pop, we've got some insider tips to help you coordinate your look with blue, brown, green, grey, pink, red, purple or yellow lenses consistently. So grab your makeup bag and get ready to unleash your unique new style!

How to Match Eye Makeup with Colored Contacts

While choosing the right eye makeup for your colored contacts, two points need to be noticed: color coordination and your natural features.

Color Coordination

  • Complementary Colors: Pair blue contacts with warm copper, bronze eyeshadows, green contacts with reddish or plum hues for a bold look.
  • Analogous Colors: For a subtle look, choose colors next to each other on the color wheel, like brown lenses with forest greens or warm taupes.

Thing about Your Features

  • Skin Tone: Lighter skin tones pair well with cooler lens colors and soft eyeshadows, while darker skin tones can rock vibrant lenses and bold shadows.
  • Natural Eye Color: Enhance your natural eye color that's visible through your contacts for added depth.
  • Hair Color: Consider your hair color when choosing lenses and makeup, like blue contacts with blonde hair or brown contacts with brunette hair.
When choosing eye makeup for colored contacts, consider both color coordination and your natural features.

How to Choose Eye Makeups for Different Contact Lens Colors

Blue Contact Lenses: A Cool Confidence

Blue contacts have a magical way of capturing attention, but the right makeup can take your stunning azure gaze to the next level.

  • Day Vibes: Keep it cool and easygoing during the day by pairing your blue contacts with eyeshadows in warm, earthy shades. Think of a soft matte brown or peachy orange to give a subtle yet stunning contrast that really brings out the blue.
  • Night Moves: Trade those laid-back daytime colors for something with a little shimmer. Bring on the golds, bronzes, or even a flashy copper to give your blue eyes that extra bit of sparkle they deserve under the low lights.

Brown Contact Lenses: Natural Charm or Total Drama

Brown lenses have that cozy, approachable vibe, but with the right makeup, they can be total scene-stealers too.

  • Keep It Real for Daylight: For a chill daytime look, stay in the same color family as your brown lenses. Gentle peaches and muted golds give just enough lift without stealing the spotlight from the warm and fuzzy feel of your brown contacts.
  • Evening Excitement: As dusk falls, it's your cue to ramp up the intensity. Go for eyeshadows that stand up against your brown contacts – think deep green or luxurious purple. They don't just frame your eyes; they also play up the warm undertones of the brown. Pop a little golden highlighter on the inner corners and brow bones to light up your whole look.

Green Contact Lenses: Soft Hues for Day, Bold Tones for Night

Green contacts are like that cool friend who stands out without even trying. Whether you're going for a subtle vibe or want to amp it up, the right eyeshadow can make all the difference.

  • Daytime Chic with Green Contacts: For a look that's as easy as Sunday morning, go for soft pink and warm taupe eyeshadows. They'll compliment your green lenses without being too in-your-face. A swipe of light pink over your lids with a touch of taupe in the crease? That's your ticket to a sweet, understated look that's perfect for whatever your day throws at you.
  • Night Glam with Green Contacts: When evening hits, it's time to dial it up, dark and smokey shades are your new best friends. When you smudge deep green or charcoal around your eyes, it may even be a dab of black for drama. This isn't just makeup; this is your green contacts getting their moment to shine in a sultry, mysterious way.
Green contacts are versatile, complementing both subtle and dramatic eye makeup styles.

Gray Contact Lenses: Understated Elegance All Day and Night

Gray contacts don't scream for attention, but they have this chic, mysterious thing about them that's hard to ignore.

  • Casual Cool for Daylight Hours: Stick with eyeshadows that keep things sleek and not too flashy during the day. Soft pinks and muted purples are great for this. They'll help your gray lenses make a statement without trying too hard. Just brushing some lavender or rose across your eyelids is enough to whip up some interest and give your eyes a little lift.
  • Enigmatic Vibes for Evenings Out: Ready to turn heads? Let's get bold. Think smokey eyes with darker shadows like charcoal, silver, and perhaps a touch of shimmering black for that wow factor. Blend it nicely from lighter shades on the inside to dark on the outer edges, and voilà – your gray lenses are ready to captivate under the evening skies.

Pink Contact Lenses: Soft Romance Meets Playful Charm

Pink contact lenses can transform your look with a touch of whimsy or a burst of romance. The key to unlocking their potential lies in selecting eyeshadow shades that complement their playful nature.

  • Daylight Softness with Pink Contacts: For an everyday look that harmonizes with pink lenses, lean towards neutral eyeshadows. A palette of soft beiges and light browns keeps the makeup understated while flattering the pink tones of your contacts. A delicate swipe across your lids with these colors enhances the playful charm without overshadowing it.
  • Evening Adventure with Pink Contacts: When you're ready to make more of a statement, consider stepping out of the box with contrasting colors. Eyeshadows in jewel tones like deep greens or vibrant purples can set off the pink in your contacts, creating an adventurous and bold look. Go for a splash of emerald or amethyst to add an unexpected pop that is both modern and eye-catching.

Red Contact Lenses: Bold Flair and Fiery Looks

Red contact lenses are a bold choice, exuding confidence and a fiery spirit. To balance this intense eye color, the makeup you choose can either amplify the drama or add a softening touch to everyday wear.

  • Gothic Glam for a Striking Statement: For those moments when you want to turn heads and make a powerful statement, dark eyeshadows are your go-to. Black or deep plum shades worn in a smokey style not only complement the red contacts but also add a touch of gothic elegance. Keep the edges soft and blended for a mysterious, yet alluring look.
  • Earthy Browns for Subdued Warmth: If you prefer a more subdued approach that still allows your red lenses to stand out, opt for warm, earthy tones like terracotta or burnt sienna. These shades provide a neutral backdrop that lets the red shine through without overwhelming it. They're perfect for creating a look that's impactful yet approachable for day-to-day activities.
Red Contact Lenses

Violet Contact Lenses: Mystique and Majesty

Violet contact lenses carry a sense of mystique and an air of royalty, making them a stunning choice for anyone looking to make a sophisticated yet bold statement.

  • Daytime Softness with Violet Contacts: For daily wear, softer hues can complement violet contacts beautifully. Consider eyeshadows in muted lilacs, pinks, or even a subtle silver to enhance the mystical feel without going overboard. These light touches of color play up the violet without competing with it, perfect for a look that's enchanting in its subtlety.
  • Dramatic Nights with Violet Contacts: Embrace the regal side of violet in the evening by pairing your contacts with deeper shades. Rich purples, dark navy, or even shades of moody grey can accentuate the depth and intensity of your violet contacts. A well-blended smokey eye with these darker tones adds a layer of drama fit for any nighttime event.

Yellow Contact Lenses: Sunshine and Starlight

Yellow contact lenses are an adventurous choice, often associated with fantasy and fiction, but they can be just as stunning in real-world settings when paired with the perfect makeup.

  • Casual Radiance for Daytime: To wear yellow contacts during the day without overwhelming your look, pick eyeshadows with soft, earthy tones. A light brown or muted gold can complement the brightness of the yellow without overpowering it. These shades will help ground the boldness of the yellow, giving you a sunny, approachable look that's full of life.
  • Glamorous Glow for Evening Wear: When night falls, and it's time to glam up, embrace the vibrant energy of yellow contacts with bold and shimmery eyeshadows. Metallics like bronze or even a daring orange can amplify the golden tones in your lenses, making them sparkle under the evening lights. A dash of glitter on your lids or the inner corners of your eyes can also mimic the star-like twinkle that yellow contacts can bring.
Yellow Contact Lenses: Sunshine and Starlight

How to Apply Makeup with Colored Contacts

Makeup Tips When Wearing Contacts

Mastering the application of makeup when wearing colored contacts is essential for creating a cohesive and striking look. Here are some practical tips to consider:

  • Foundation First: Always apply your foundation before inserting your contact lenses to avoid getting any makeup on them. Not only does this help maintain the purity and integrity of the lenses, but it also prevents irritation.
  • Eye Makeup Order: Insert your contacts before applying eye makeup. This sequence minimizes the chance of transferring eyeshadow particles or eyeliner smudges onto your lenses. It also allows you to see better and apply makeup more precisely.
  • Tools Over Fingers: Use makeup brushes and sponges rather than your fingers to apply makeup. This reduces the risk of transferring oils, dirt, or bacteria to your eyes and contacts.
  • Gentle Removal: Be as gentle when removing makeup as when applying it. Use an oil-free makeup remover to prevent residue buildup on your lenses, and always remove your contacts before starting your makeup removal routine.
  • Importance of Hygiene: Hygiene cannot be overstated when it comes to wearing contact lenses. Wash your hands thoroughly before handling your contacts and follow proper care instructions to prevent infection or irritation.

Makeup Order When Wearing Contacts

  • Wash hands thoroughly.
  • Apply face moisturizer and primer.
  • Insert colored contact lenses.
  • Apply foundation and concealer.
  • Proceed with eye makeup - eyeshadow, eyeliner, then mascara.
  • Finish with blush, bronzer, and lipstick.

Following these steps not only keeps your contacts clean but also ensures your makeup looks its best.

The Bottom Line

As you experiment with different colored contacts and makeup combinations, remember to stay within the guidelines of good hygiene and proper application order to ensure the health of your eyes and longevity of your lenses. Don't be afraid to explore and push the boundaries of conventional beauty norms. Each pair of colored contacts is an opportunity to reinvent your look and express another side of your personality.

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